The coming IPRS 2018 is aimed at

  1. Sharing new trends, challenges and opportunities, ideas and experience from different country perspectives to create global understanding while giving more appreciation to new values, ideas in political development, economic and social dynamics in the digital disruption
  2. Exploring the new challenges of Corporate Communication Officer as an early warning system to maintain corporate reputation and public trust that will have a greater impact toward creating public harmony.
  3. Spreading the standard of performance of public relations in a globalized world.

The summit is expected to accommodate more than 250 participants from 20+ countries – mostly from Asia Pacific regions and local participants: top executives in government and private sector, professionals, academia, senior students, media and not for profit leaders.

Shifting the Power of Strategic Communication in the era of Digital Economy

This theme is explored in 4 sub-themes:

  • Advancing Asia Agenda in changing the political, economic and social landscape
  • Global Forces strengthening the need for Strategic Communication in Public, Private, MNCs and non profit sectors
  • The Digital Dynamic: Its Impact on Business and Society
  • Securing Business through Reputation, Engagement and Trust: the Challenge of Corporate Communication Officer in disruptive era

We invite top level executives in government, private and non profit sector together with high caliber public relations scholars and counselors of public relations, as Speakers who will show case uniqueness, new values in form of conceptual development and case studies from different country perspectives. IPRS is the premier public relations conference in Asian region.

Showcase your business solutions to hundreds of communication and business professionals. Introduce your company’s values, changes, activities and social responsibilities that bring benefits to the public and society at large nationally and internationally.