Research Forum 2018

Research Forum

We know that the theory and practice of public relations is developing into multi- discipline, therefore the Research forum invites speakers from many disciplines / branches of knowledge.

Academic researchers, educators, top-level practitioners and graduate students from around the world are invited to submit abstracts of maximum 300 words in English or in Bahasa Indonesia, in form of scholarly papers, case studies, on going research project that should be revolved around in the 2018 Summit theme and the sub-themes:

  • Advancing Asia Agenda in changing the political, economic and social landscape
  • Global Forces strengthening the need for Strategic Communication in Public, Private, MNCs and non profit sectors
  • The Digital Dynamic: Its Impact on Business and Society
  • Securing Business through Reputation, Engagement and Trust: the Challenge of Corporate Communication Officer in disruptive era

Topics of research are related to Change, Technology, Impact.
A focused discussion on practical, managerial implications: challenges and opportunities or the requirements for new skills and capabilities in the profession.

Research topics are welcome, such as:

  1. Social media changes the political, social and economic landscape
  2. Political communication, Corporate Communication, Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy, Community Relations, Government Relations, Marketing Communication, Social Responsibility
  3. The Digital Dynamic: Its Impact on people’s behavior change
  4. The Raising of Millennial Generation
  5. Communication practice in business, non profit sectors, political parties
  6. Tourism industry, healthcare industries – public campaign
  7. Any other topic relevant to the Summit theme

The submissions will go through a panel and the authors of quality abstracts will be invited to submit full papers for presentation in the proceeding manuscript. The accepted abstracts will be invited to prepare executive summary of research findings.

Abstract submission guidelines

Please make sure that you have read the following guidelines before submitting your abstracts.

  1. Title – 12 point Arial Bold, not more than 12 words
  2. Abstract text – Approximately 300 words, typed in single line spacing
  3. Language – Can be written in English or in Bahasa Indonesia
  4. Keywords – Four or five keywords should be provided>/li>

All abstracts must be submitted by email with author names, affiliations and submission categories (completed research, research in progress, position paper, professional/academia) specified on the first page and a blind copy of one page abstract for evaluation of acceptance by the panel.

Deadline for submission August 3rd, 2018

Paper submission and Acceptance

  1. Having submitted your abstract, you will receive an e-mail notification
  2. Do not submit an abstract more than once
  3. If your abstract is accepted, you must register and pay to attend Research Forum and the IPRS conference. If you do not register and pay, your paper will be removed from the program
  4. Should the paper is a team work, only one person who will be attending and presenting at the Research Forum

What to expect?

  1. This research forum is a small-group, roundtable presentation
  2. Each topic will be completed in 15 minutes only
  3. The presenter will have 7,5 minutes to present the summary of the research and another 7,5 minutes for QA / discussion
  4. With this format, each presenter will have 4 different audiences in one hour session
  5. There will be no overhead projection equipment, and the presenter should refrain from laptop use
  6. Further guidelines for presentation will be available at the end of June

Important Dates

August 3 – Abstracts Submission Due
August 31 – Acceptance Notification (sent via e-mail)
September 21 – Paper Competition Submission Due (accepted, full/completed papers only)
October 12 – All Copies of Presentation Handouts Due
November 4 – Presentation date
December 21 – Proceeding Manuscripts Due


Paper Submission

Please submit your paper to