About IPRS

The International Public Relations Summit was initiated in Indonesia in the continual work to ring true both Indonesia and to resonate for many countries in the Asian region where public relations is still developing as a fast growing profession.

IPRS is a culmination of years of efforts in developing public relations as a strategic management function, being a road map for more conceptual development and professional communication practices. It is a strategic meeting for professionals and academia of public relations in the national and global perspectives.

IPRS presents the latest trend and challenges in regional business and non-business practices dealing with communication management based on research, case studies and position papers about the globalization of public relations which impacts all disciplines applicable to any organization.

Our objectives are exploring global networking opportunities leading to worldwide collaboration, sharing new ideas and experience from different country perspectives and spreading standard of performance of public relations in a globalized world.

IPRS was launched in Bali following a decade of success of Public Relations Week Indonesia (2005-2014). Public Relations Week is the only educational campaign in Indonesia that was consistently conducted within 10 years to elevate the knowledge of professionals, academia, students and related stakeholders.

With the support particularly from the distinguished professors and professionals: Dr. James E. Grunig, Dr. Don W. Stacks, Dr. Timothy Coombs, and Robert Grupp (USA), Dr Roger Hayes (UK), and David Donohue (Australia) and the founder is committed to organize IPRS every two-years.

Past Event

Global Cooperation in Asian Perspectives

Meeting of Mind for the Rising Generation in a Tropical Paradise

Bali, 16 – 18 October 2012

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Advancing Asia’s Agenda in Global Market Era

Leveraging the Dynamics for Strategic Communication

Yogyakarta, 3 – 5 November 2014
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Positioning Asia in Digital World

Leveraging Collaborative Leadership and Strategic Communication

Jakarta, 10 – 13 May 2016
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Upcoming Event

Shifting the Power of Strategic Communication in the Era of Digital Economy

Jakarta, 2 November 2018
Bali, 3 – 6 November 2018

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Conference Committee

Trisakti University
Post Graduate Study – MM Communication

Dr. James Grunig
Don W. Stacks, Ph.D
Dr. Timothy Coombs
David Donohue
Is Nugroho, MHRM

Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D

Erika Ananto, MM

EGA briefings


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